Road to Success

Linaks Microelectronics Limited was established in 1986 by a group of professionals lead by Mr. A.K.Singh, a graduate of IIT, Kanpur and IIM, Ahmedabad starting with an initial investment of Rs. 1.68 Crores (USD 362,000.00) the company commenced commercial production of professional grade single side and double side PCB in 1987 end. The installed capacity in the beginning was very small i.e. 5000 sq. m. of double side PTH PCB's per annum.

Through aggressive and quality service, Linaks was able to establish itself as a leading manufacturer of double side PTH PCB's in India and was soon in qualified vendor list of all the major Indian OEMs like, ITI Ltd., C-DOT licencees, Bharat Electronics Ltd., Avery India Ltd., Allen Bradley India Ltd., Alcatel India Ltd., etc.

In keeping with the growth in business, the Management went in for capacity enhancement and technology upgradation in 1989 with an investment of Rs. 1.27 Crores (USD 273,000.00). Linaks became the sixth largest shop in India and a leading player in the PCB market.

The management team's philosophy of constant improvement saw a lot of investment in training of operators and engineers in new process and technologies abroad in PCB shops and factories based in Italy, UK, Switzerland, etc. All this saw further investment of Rs. 1.00 Crore (USD 250,000.00) in 1992 which doubled the capacity to 10,000 sq. m. and enhanced the capacity in the area of micro drilling. It enabled Linaks to retain its pre-eminent position in the market.

Driven by the core team's zeal to be internationally competitive, Linaks started to participate in the international trade fairs from 1991 and also implementing ISO, etc. By 1994 beginning, Linaks had obtained the following approvals:

  1. ISO 9002
  2. IECQ's Product approval for DSPTH PCB
  3. UL 94 VO rating for DSPTH PCBs.

In 1994 Linaks had started exporting approx 20% of its production to European OEM agents and PCB shops. It had become very clear by 1994 that to survive the competition from abroad Linaks had to upgrade its technology and increase its capacity. So in 1994-95, Linaks went in for a public issue and became a public company, as the management floated 25% of its shares.

The company embarked on a major expansion with an investment of Rs. 15 Crore (USD 3.5 million) in 1995-96 which envisaged trebling of DSPTH capacity by 1997 and start up of 12000 sq. m., four and six layer Multilayer facility by 1999, which has been implemented and Linaks already has the approval of the Indian Telecom and some select international customers.

In 2004-05, Linaks is targeting a turnover of Rs 12.00 Crores (USD 2.5 million) and in 2005-06, Linaks hopes to be doing a turnover of around Rs 25 Crores (USD 5.00 million). Company is at the same time working towards introduction of new technologies like direct metallisation, alternative to tin lead finish, copper recovery system, etc. The company is also starting the implementation of ISO 14001 and hopes to achieve certification by beginning of 2004. It has already moved with UL for approval of its multilayer PCBs.

Company is striving very hard to live by its quality policy.